Our Founder / VMO

Our Founder
Late Mr. Bashiruddin Babukhan

Founder Chairman of Springfields Education, Glendale Academy, and Hyderabad Education Society, etc.

Late Mr. Bashiruddin Babukhan, was a Cabinet minister who held the portfolios of Higher Education, Major Industries, Tourism, and Minorities Welfare respectively during 1989 to 1994. His keen interest in social activities, promoting education & women empowerment programs made him associate with numerous welfare organizations, either as a Founder, Chairman, Trustee, or as a Member.

He was born in Hyderabad in 1941 and hailed from a well-known family of industrialists and businessmen of AP. He graduated from Osmania University (Nizam College ), and joined the family business.

Besides being a businessman par excellence, Mr Bashiruddin Babukhan had an active cultural, social and political life. Having been associated with a number of social and educational organizations in various capacities, he founded the Hyderabad Education Academy with the vision of steering Indian youth towards economic prosperity. As a politician, he was elected as an MLA twice, in 1985 and 1994.

Mr. Bashiruddin Babukhan carried on the legacy of his father. He pioneered the construction of multistoried commercial and residential complexes, town houses and land development projects. Standing testimony of their commitment to excellence are the Deccan Towers, the Mogul Court, the Babukhan Estate, the Asafjahi Tower and the Babukhan Millennium Centre along with over 20 other major projects that dot the city today.

Khan Bahadur Babukhan Foundation (KBBF)

"A person's true wealth is the good he or she does in the world."

This is the philosophy that formed the essence of Mr. Bashiruddin Babukhan's social service endeavors. The philanthropist in him was constantly striving to reach out to the needy and down-trodden more through deeds than mere words. He was actively associated with a host of social and philanthropic activities aimed at enriching the over-all social fabric. KBBF  is the platform which supports his service endeavors. It reaches out to individuals as well as institutions by providing steady financial support. The Begum Babukhan Craft Centre (BBCC) is yet another example of his commitment to social causes, especially women empowerment. It offers a host of career-oriented and self-employment generating vocational courses to young women at nominal or no costs.

Mr Bashiruddin Babukhan was a strong advocate of individual and societal empowerment through creation of opportunities. He gave shape to his ideals by entering the hallowed portals of academic entrepreneurship substituted by founding The Hyderabad Education Academy. Under its aegis, it powers several top-notch academic institutions offering not just education but also all-round development and unparalleled commitment to creation of quality knowledge wealth. He wanted to and did establish an institution par excellence that would graduate leaders who will make the world a better place.

Springfields Education

A Pioneering Group of Institutions

Springfields School, established in 1991, is a coeducational day school, secular in character, admission open to all, irrespective of class, creed or community. Classes are from Nursery to Class X in both SSC and CBSE streams.

A child’s mind, particularly in its formative years is tender and receptive. It is like a fertile field, ready to spring forth. It is essential to cultivate such fields with great care for sustained growth. The school strives to provide the most appropriate atmosphere and inputs for the minds of the children, so that they have the opportunity to blossom - and yield fruit.