Skill Development

21st Century Skills

Prepared for Life

The 21st century skills, namely Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Character, are a set of abilities that students need to develop in order to succeed in the information age. These skills have always been important for students, though they are particularly important in our information-based economy. We at Springfields have always understood the life-long need of these critical skills, and have ensured our pedagogy is designed around them so that our students are well equipped for life.


At Springfields, we believe that developing a strong character is the foundation of becoming a good human being. Our activities through the UN SDG programs, the Leader in Me programs and our strong pedagogical framework enable us to give students an environment they can discover their inner potential in.

Critical Thinking

We engage the curious minds of children to inspire critical thinking within them. Instead of silly recalling facts, teachers call upon students to evaluate, synthesise, apply a higher level of thinking and thus gain a higher level of learning.


How we express ourselves verbally, in writing and through other mediums is an essential part of the human experience. Through a variety of activities built around a core of communication we guide students to develop their communication skills.


Evidence shows that the brain learns better in concert with others. In schools, through team work, group work and cooperative learning all help in the classroom as they engage students. Students shift from passive to active learning through these activities and not only understand the subject better, but also learn the valuable skill of working with others.


Arts, when integrated into the curriculum through the STEAM methodology provides students a visual and expressive way to learn. According to the Harvard’s Project Zero on studio thinking, there are 8 habits of the brain which need a visual, creative medium to be honed. Through our focus on creativity, we help students gain valuable skills that give them an edge in this age of unprecedented disruption.