Teaching Methodology & Curriculum

Springfields International follows the CBSE curriculum. We have an interactive teaching methodology which is student-centered , whereby children are involved in the learning process. Teachers ignite curiosity and the desire to learn rather than routinely push ideas, a methodology that turns learning into a combination of classoom study, research and scientific discovery.

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education. Martin Luther King, Jr.

We try to create an atmosphere that makes learning an enjoyable, fun filled experience through poetry ,rhyme, songs, role play, art, story-telling sessions,audio visual aids, interesting activity sheets and indoor and outdoor class-projects.

At Springfields we stimulate young minds of our students through the multiple intelligence approach of Dr. Gardner. A myriad facet of a child's learning ability is enhanced and developed through this approach. The cutting edge research in brain-compatible learning endorses the nurturing of multiple intelligence in education as one of the most effective methods of teaching.

Springfields International School - Bandlaguda

List Of Staff 2019 -2020
S.No Teacher Name Designation Qualification
1 Humera Hyder Principal M.A B.Ed
2 Ms. Kaneez Fatima NTT B.Com PPTTC
3 Syeda Zehra Begum NTT B.Com PPPTTC
4 Hajera Tahseen NTT B.Sc PPTTC
5 Ms. Alia Iqbal NTT B.Sc PPTTC
7 Anees Begum NTT B.Com PPTTC
8 Shireen Fatima NTT B.A PPTTC
9 Soha Fatima NTT BS.c ECE
10 Syeda Bader Fatima NTT M.A P.hd (Arabic)
11 Caroline Diane Ross TGTs M.Com B.Ed, CTET
12 Sakshi Sharma TGTs B.A, M.A M.Ed
13 K. Shankar Reddy TGTs B.Sc M.PHIL, B.Ed
14 Mohammed Habeebuddin PRT B.com M.A, B.Ed
15 Tasneem Fatima PRT B.Sc B.Ed
16 Fatima Afroze TGTs B.Sc M.A, B.Ed
17 Azmath Qadri TGTs B.Sc B.Ed
18 Layeequnnisa PRT B.A B.Ed
19 Sadath Jahan Hyder PRT B.TECH. M.TECH/B.Ed
20 Jabeen Sultana PRT M.A B.Ed
21 Ms. Shabeena Fatima PRT B.Sc B.Ed
22 Syeda Summaya Farheen PRT B.Com PPTTC, B.Ed
23 Aisha Imran TGTs B.Sc B.Ed, GTD
24 N. Rupa TGTs B.A M.A, B.Ed
25 K. Shivananda TGTs B.A HPT
26 Syeda Asiya Sultana TGTs M.A B.Ed
27 Mohd Inayath Ali PRT M.A HPT
28 Raafia Muneer TGTs B.Sc B.Ed
29 Ranjani Ragupathy SPL EDN-TGTT B.COM M.A (Psychology)
30 Kshyama Patnaik PRT B.A B.F.A (Painting)
31 Amina Mateen PRT B.Sc M.Sc, B.Ed
32 Sabreena Fatima PRT B.COM M.A., B.Ed
34 Hassan Ali PTI B.A B.Ped
35 Swathi.U Librarian B.Com M.LIC
36 Naseem Unissa Begum PRT M.A B.Ed
37 D. Susmita PRT B. Sc B.Ed
38 Tayyaba Tabassum PRT B. Sc B.Ed
39 Suman Jain PRT B.A/MBA B.Ed
40 Ruksana PRT M.SC B.Ed