Assessment & Evaluation

Examinations including the following:

  • Unit Tests and Terminal exams for Pre –Primary
  • Reportin after each Unit Teat and Term Exam

Classes I to VIII

  • Periodic Assessments
  • Summative Assessments
  • Ongoing assessments that are built into the teaching – learning process
  • Reporting at the end of each term is based on the Periodic Assessment & Summative Assessments:
  • Lessons for SA to be identified when the year plan is made, changes may be made in case the plan is not carried out as per schedule
  • The exam portion and time table to be sent out 2 weeks ahead of the exams
  • Question paper  to be submitted two weeks before exams commence
  • Question paper to be whetted by Academic Coordinator and Principal to check that it is a balanced paper, catering to all categories of students and that nothing is out of the prescribed portion
  • Typing for the first day’s exam to be completed seven days before the exam
  • Proof reading of first draft to be done in two days
  • Second and final draft to be done in one day
  • Final to be stored under lock and key
  • Photocopying two days in advance
  • Seating arrangements should be made by Academic coordinator in consultation with examination in-charge.
  • Invigilation duties to be drawn by the Academic coordinator
  • Question paper or answer scripts to be put together along with attendance sheet, (as per seating plan) in an envelope which is collected on the day of the exam, 15 minutes prior to commencement to sign on collection
  • Attendance sheet to be collected each day within ½ hour of exam commencement
  • Collection of papers at the end of the exam. All extra sheets to be tied together
  • Submission of answer scripts to the examination in-charge at the end of the exam to be verified before signatures.
  • Collection of answer scripts by subject-teachers from the examination in-charge, after signing for the same
  • Key preparation should be done as soon as question paper is finalized and marking scheme discussion on collecting answer scripts
  • Exchange of answer scripts – time schedule to be given by the Academic coordinator with the Principal
  • Cross checking of marked answer scripts
  • Submission for Principal’s sign
  • Exchange of marks as per schedule laid down